The etymology of the name: O’Sullivan has been debated for many years with no clear consensus ever being reached. Strong opinions have been expressed, but with little academic evidence provided. The purpose of this project is to provide a world-wide forum for Irish scholars, experts in etymology, and interested clan members to share their opinions and conclusions concerning the true meaning of the name: O’Sullivan. Thorough academic discussions to support an opinion or conclusion are encouraged. Only serious comments will be published. The topic will be divided into five sub-topics: 1. General Discussion, 2. The Meaning of ‘O’, 3. The meaning of ‘Suille’, 4. The Meaning of ‘abhain’, and 5. The meaning of our motto: “Lamh Foistenach Abu”. If a participant has an opinion that he wishes to share in a non-public manner, he/she can forward that opinion in an e-mail to: sullivan@dunderrycastle.com. If the administrator chooses to publish that opinion it will be shared in an anonymous fashion.

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